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Senior Solutions Architect, Software Development Manager

About Me

A Chartered Engineer, I have over 11 years technical experience covering the whole development stack and product lifecycle.


The motivation to have studied and worked in 3 different continents to gain international experience.


To deliver and get the job done. Dedicated to completing projects on time and to budget.


I love what I do and I love passing my knowledge and experiences on to enthuse and help others.


The skill to adopt the right standards and tools for the job and unifying processes across the organisation.

What I do

From Software Architect to Project Management and everything inbetween, I have a proven track record of delivering results.


Experienced in managing all aspects of the software development life cycle, from initial capture of requirements through to development, testing, delivery and enhancement.


Skilled in building, training and mentoring high performing teams in consistently delivering strategic software projects.


Experienced in making high-level design choices and dictating technical standards, including coding standards, tools, and platforms.


I am an accomplished software engineer specialising in SOLID design principles and object-oriented approaches. With an extensive background in the full life-cycle of the software development process including design, coding, testing, debugging and maintenance and a proven track record of designing and implementing flexible solutions which support frequent UI and functionality changes.

Product Rollout

Have delivered multi-million pound, large-scale solutions and have managed international product rollouts, cordinating with sales and support teams.

Customer Interfacing

Known for building bridges between technology and business divisions to eliminate historic conflicts, improve understanding and cooperation, and drive overall project results. Able to communicate ideas and discuss projects with customers at all levels from store keepers to CEO’s to MoD and government officials.


With 11 years worth of experience working in a wide range of industrial sectors I have multiple areas of expertise and in-depth knowledge I can offer.


A big advocater of continuous learning, I spend much of my free time increasing the depth and breadth of my knowledge base whilst helping and guiding others to reach their full potential.



Officially Chartered by the IET and Engineering Council. I have proven I have met the internationally recognised standards of professional competence and ethics that govern the awarded title CEng. This ensures that employers, government and wider society – both in the UK and overseas – can have confidence in my knowledge, experience and commitment.



Studying in both the UK and America I was the only graduate of my year to complete a Masters degree in Electronics & Software Engineering from a top UK red brick University and a first tier ranked American College, obtaining a 1st for my dissertation on controlling electric vechicles using 3 phase power motors.


I was a graduate of the inaugral online class founded by MIT and Harvard, completing their first course offering; Circuits and Systems with a grade of 97%. I have also completed courses offered by Berkely University.

Full List

  • BerkeleyX CS188.1x Artificial Intelligence course provided by Berkeley University.
  • BerkeleyX CS184.1x Computer Graphics course provided by Berkeley University.
  • BerkeleyX CS169.1x Software as a Service course provided by Berkeley University.
  • MITx 6.002x Circuits and Systems course provided by MIT and Harvard University.


  • Team Leading/Building course provided by Emerge.
  • Presentation Skills training course provided by EEF Western
  • Report Writing training course provided by EEF Western
  • University Liaison training provided by BAE Systems.
  • Assessment Centre Interviewer training provided by BAE Systems.
  • Introduction to Prince2 training provided by SEA.


  • SCRUM Master Certified.
  • Securing Web Applications, Services and Servers course provided by Learning Tree.
  • Software Patterns training course provided by Objektum.
  • UML training course provided by Objektum.
  • Dimensions training course provided by BAE Systems.
  • Rational Rose training course provided by IBM.
  • Ada 95 Programming course provided by Objektum.


I don't just think big, I do big. I have singlehandedly engineered, built, launched, tracked and retrieved a near space probe. Designed to capture images from 100,000ft up and constructed to survive the atmospheric conditions of the thermosphere along with the journey back down to earth.


Always active, I love to challenge myself mentally and physically to help raise money for good causes. 2014 saw me compete in the Oxfam 100km and the MS Gong 90km amongst others. Here are my 2014 stats:

Events Completed

Kilometers Covered

Raised For Charity

Contact Me

Always excited to discuss and explore new opportunities.

+61 (0) 416 380 515